"Capture : groove of the nature" vol.3 at Mt.Gassan in Yamagata

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Capture : groove of the nature

Hello friends,

In first week of this August, We shot  "Capture : groove of the nature" vol.3 at Gassan in Yamagata.

About new project  "Capture : groove of the nature"

This new project concept is

We play in a forest, near a river, in a mountain, and etc, taking mobile electric set,try to catch the breath of the"nature",the vibration of earth, to feel the existence of multi-layered living things except Human beings.

And try to write our report like a daily service log.

more info :  https://manamusiceffect.blog.fc2.com/e/capture_1


This time we visited Mt.Gassan in Yamagata prefecture.

Mt.Gassann is sacred mountain combined with "Hagurosan","Yudonosan" located in Tohoku area, the north part of Japan, and  these 3 are called "Dewasanzan"( meaning Dewa 3 mountains).

Japanese often think mountain itself is god and consider as icon of worship, and these 3 mountains have been sacred religious places of  "Syugen"( old style of one of Japanese  Buddhism) since ancient era.


The place we played was called "Genakai hiroba"( Yamagata kenrintu shizenhakubutsuen) is like a nature national park, but there was small house for pray, staying for climbing Yudonosan mountain and religious training place in old time, now we can see some ruins in the park.






We could play the small river side,quite near in the early morning, the day before shooting, we had big rain there, I was so scary of playing and recording because of protecting from heavy moisture and temporary rain drops.

But the place was super nice, air was super clean and has sacred atmosphere.


After visiting, It was so hard to mix the recording sound, because we played so near to the river that the water sound was so loud, I almost could not listen Kyra's voice and my guitar some time.

As Kyra held the recorder in front of her breast to record her voice directly, the sound of the recorder has the proportions of vocals are big rather than instruments.

So I extracted the other sound from videos of iphone, then mixed with the recorder sound.
These sound have much water sound and rather noisy you would feel, but I think these are very interesting sound.


"Capture : groove of the nature"  vol.3 Mt.Gassan Yamagata prefecture

Date; 06 August 2022 am 6-7
Location; Near the river in the park called "Genaki hiroba"
Weather; Cloudy
Setlist;, Senjyou, Harugoma, Repun kamuy yayeyukar, Sori sinot yaysama, Itakipe

Musical equipment;
Shigure (self-made Midi controller with aluminium guitar)HP laptop, Forcusrite 6i6,Zoom G1xfour, Novation Launchpad

Recording equipment;
Tascam Dr09,Gopro9, iphone7

The sound of river was so loud and sometime I could not hear Kyra`s voice, and got nearly mad.
But gradually we could feel the groove of the river, finally we enjoyed playing very much.
It was so fantastic experience.

Feel the vibration of the nature in Japan with electric music and shamanic voice.

Short version:


Full audio recording:


ICHION is the Japanese experimental and NEO spritual music duo unit.