The report of 2022 Europe tour ~ Vol.7 live at Boom Café in Brussels Belgium

Europe tour report
Hi, friends!
We would like to give you the report of 2022 Europe tour Vol.7 live at Boom Café  in Brussels Belgium.
Hope you enjoy it!

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The venue of the final gig of this tour was Boom Café  in Brussels.
Jules van ( La Faune) helped us to book this venue.
The cafe is managed by NPO, helps many various social activities.

However, there was no sound system, so we need to bring everything..... of course speakers, amplifiers, cables, mic stands, power cables......and everything you can imagine.

Fortunately,  Aurélie has almost everything at her studio, so we chose and test instruments.

We have experienced many times such diy style gig ever, so it was not so much tough for setting up sound system usually, but this time it was a little bit difficult to make sound system, because we had to arrange them for PA system, and some of them  were needed  small fixing.

The day of gig, we went to the venue by car with full of instruments, it was good experience to drive a highway to Brussels, the highway was very similar to Japan.

cafe3.jpg Boom Café


When we got the café, it was good dark night, hurried up setting our system, It was so hard for me to set up everything, literally everything, our musical instruments + sound system,  I worked fast  as possible as I could, like generating a wind....

First of all, setting sound system, then building up my equipment, sound checking, and LED lighting system....
so many things, I had to do.


Pierrot (Live Moments) came to this show, he is a photographer, also took our movie and photo of the gig at La Faune  last time, also he took our photos and movies, thank you so much, Pierrot!
we were very happy to meet him again.






Photos by Live Moments

I thought  the sound system worked well, YAMAHA powered monitor speakers with Fender bass amp for woofer, made good sound.
That day, we set LED bars like surrounding the audience to take them to another world, it was like a shamanic boat.

The venue `s atmosphere was so nice and warm, staffs were very kind, nice beer, delicious soup.


After the show, we talked with friends, Trinh, Jules Van, Pierrot.... celebrated our meeting after pandemic, it was so good to know everyone looks good and doing well.

We really appreciate Jules Van,  Boom Café, Aurélie, and  people came to our show.

Next episode is the gig movie of this tour,  last episode.....



ICHION is the electric shamanic music band.