The report of 2022 Europe tour ~ Vol.6 live at Geoffrey's house in Mouscron Belgium

Europe tour report
Hello, friends.
Here is our new report of 2022 Europe tour, vol.6 live at Geoffrey`s house in Mouscron.
Hope you enjoy it.


The next day of WP8, in the early morning, we had to go to Dusseldorf station to get our cheap  express train. It was surely cheap, but the express train called Thalys is luxury train, for Japanese railroad geeks, they  might be jealous  about our train tour.



People in hurry at Dusseldorf station, it reminds me the city in Japan, looks same.

We took the train from Dusseldorf to Liege, and changed the train there, then headed to Mouscron, because it was cheaper than going straight to Mouscron, we had the railpass in Belgium.

Liege station.

Brussels, we felt like we were back at home.

Riding  a train in Belgium was really tough for taking heavy suitcases, you need to bring up and down your luggage over about 100cm, 3feet high every time you change the train and there are almost no elevators or escalators at stations. Sometime people helped us to take our luggage at stairs, we are really appreciate their kindness.

Got Mouscron, went to Aurélie`s house, then visited Geoffrey`s house which was the venue of tonight. His house was really amazing nice place.



Geoffrey is musician,/DJ and he often organize DJ party at his house, so it has perfect sound system and lighting system. He is really nice and kind people, gave us everything we need and was very cooperative to play there.



Setting up our equipment in hell first.

It has nice lighting system, so we asked him to make the LED into green.




It was really comfortable to play at Geoffrey`s house, because the room had nice sound system and ambience, it was easy to play. As getting darker, people gathered, the show started almost 7clock in evening, we played about 1hour.

Unlike the show in Dusseldof, we played the songs with kind of gently feelings, the reason for that, we thought, the atmosphere of the venue, everyone seemed to concentrate to listen to our music, so we naturally payed attention to play music in detail.


After the show, the party was still going on, they drunk and ate delicious meals which Geoffrey`s family cooked, it was so nice! and party room was also very sophisticated,  I was nearly fainted with such a so cool place.


Geoffrey`s wife and daughter.

Though I was not sure when Aurèlie introduced Pierre Alain, my dearest friend in Belgium, I was so so happy to meet him again, after this pandemic.


He arranged this show for us, looked for place to play in Mouscron, because La Faune which we played last time has some troubles and it is hard to take place shows now, so he asked some members for our show. We are  really appreciate him.

And he gave me nice  Belgium beer! You are so fantastic! Pierre Alain!



With Geoffrey`s family and our boss Aurélie.

We talked so much with many people, they are so nice people, especially Geoffrey`s family is so kind and nice, we had only good memories about staying and playing there.

We are really really appreciate them, and thank you for coming our show in Mouscron, Merci beaucoup!!!!!



And Geoffrey gave us the space to sign, we were afraid of signing there...That day was so long, long train ride, gig, party, so many things we experienced, then we were super exhausted,,,,but super nice memory.

Next is the show in Brussels, to be continued....



ICHION is the Japanese experimental and NEO spritual music duo unit.