The report of 2022 Europe tour ~ Vol.5 live at WP8 in Dusseldorf

Europe tour report

Hello, everyone! This is the vol.5 live at WP8 in Dusseldorf. We hope you enjoy it.


The venue called WP8 we played in Dusseldorf, where Norman advised us to contact them. Without his advise, we never knew that venue. Because you can find almost nothing about it on internet, except its website (only top page) and a contact address. It was so lucky for us that the owner Romano found our message, and he answered "Yes" to us. At the same time, Romano contacted Norman, and Norman gave me the message.It said we should call Romano directly about our gig.

To be honest, I don`t like telephone, even in Japanese, calling in English was worse than it, but I had no choice. It was almost midnight, I called Romano and heard the loud cheering voice, quickly speaking English,  I could not get almost everything, but believed that he said Okay for us and everything was fine. Judging from his speaking, he was so nice people. After calling, another staff, Philipp mailed me to give us detail information of our gig, and he said the event would be a special one as Japanese night, we were very surprised and really pleased.

We had some days for booking other gigs, but could`t have other gigs, so it was not tight schedule for staying in Dusseldorf, we spent days with doing rehearsal at Weltkunstzimmer, and had photo shooting with Rainer.

It was good experience for us to stay at a such place: Artist in Residence, we have never stayed the place like this before, I thought it is suitable for  creating something, making music and devote yourself  into such activities, and I felt the time of Weltkusntzimmer flew differently of usual city life and everyone at WKZimmer is very kind and helpful for us.

The day before the gig, Philipp invited us a little party at WP8. Though we had to prepare for the gig, wanted to know the sound system of the venue and to meet Romano, so we decided to go.


The night of Dusseldorf has different face of daytime, there were full of night people. It was about 5minutes walk from Dusseldorf station, we found small sign on wall of the buildings near the railroad overpass.


 There were a few people drinking in the room, I introduced myself to someone and tall guy with eyeglasses appeared, beers in his hands.
He was Romano, tall,very cheerful and looks like a  cross between a professor and a soldier.


He opened a beer bottle one after another, handed us them and introduced himself, and we got to know he was great soundman and were really surprised at his work. The guys in there were musician and their concert was cancelled suddenly, so drunk there.


We talked and drunk with Romano and Phillipe, then got home earlier. Phillipe guided us the way to Weltkunstzimmer, it took about 30 minutes walk to from WP8!

The next evening, we headed to WP8 with a super heavy suitcase, got there earlier, then Philipp appeared, Romano was late. Philipp was very kind guy, while waiting Romano, he went buying coffee for us. Romano appeared with old van playing nice music.

He apologized for being late so politely, then we rushed to set up everything.
As usual, for me, setting up equipment is like a war.


Romano did some roles: bartender, soundman, ticket collector...looked super busy.
It was small venue, but sound was excellent. Romano chose sound system carefully and arranged them to make great sound. We could play comfortably and do good performance.
Add more, they had fog machine, so laser and LED bars lighting system worked so well, I think.

We felt audience loves WP8 so much and enjoyed music itself, too.
To my regret, my sound system`s  power suddenly got lost while playing the last song. We thought we could take everybody higher more without the accident.

We talked many people so much and got to know they might enjoy our music.We were honored to play at WP8 and to spend with a such  great audience. We were so happy that they tried to understand our music.

For next day show in Belgium, we had to leave WP8 a little bit earlier, said good bye to Romano, Philipp, Norman, and all friends, promised to come back to play Dusseldorf.

Thank you so much Norman, Romano, Philipp, Weltkunstzimmer and friends coming our show, we are really appreciate your hospitality and kindness.Next episode is live at Mouscron in Belgium.

To be continued....



ICHION is the Japanese experimental and NEO spritual music duo unit.