The report of 2022 Europe tour ~ Vol.3 live at POP

Europe tour report

Hello friends, this is vol.3 of the tour report, hope you enjoy it.


We played at the venue called "POP", it is a record shop in Berlin.

During quarantine, we could do nothing freely and tried to find the way to keep our music activities, happened to know Kurt Dahlke on somewhere of internet. He is the one of the manager of POP, ex- member of DAF, and now his project name is "Pyrolator"  When I saw the streaming live of Pyrolator, it was so cool and nice, then got to know "POP".  They had live events on every Friday night and also broadcasted it on streaming.  I began to check their stream live on every Friday night ( in Japan, it is a very very early morning like 3 am.on Saturday...),  most surprised thing, my favorite musician " Shnider TM" played at there, I was really excited and his performance was super nice, and  the atmosphere, too.
After checking the POP Fridays months later, we wanted to play there, so sent the message to Kurt. He simply answered me when I come to Berlin, let him know. I could not believe receiving from him, and this time I contacted him, he simply asked me our  schedule and fixed the show.  It was so simple, so we wondered if we have the show on that day till we arrived at POP in real life. We had so many " could not believe" things on this tour....



Got there bit early, so we had small coffee at near cafe, then went to POP. ( record shop close at 19:00)



Martin is another manager of POP, he was so gentle and nice guy, always caring  and asking us something to drink.    We were so pleased his offering, but I had to set up everything and  had not so much time, Kyra had some nice tea for me...


We had 2 hours for setting up, however I had to set up LED bars and lighting system. If I struggle to set one thing long time, other things delay easily, tried to do quick as soon as possible. While setting up, finally Kurt came!


I wanted to tell him our gratitude, but had not so much time.... I hope it would not be rude, and our label manager Aurélie came from Belgium, thank you so much Aurélie!


Though the venue was not big,  audience was so hot.  I thought our performance was not bad for the first show of this tour, and we were deeply impressed by the achievement of our purpose of  playing at POP.  In Europe we play the same way as usual, but we wanted to entertain the audience more than in Japan, because people try to understand our music, and more over, enjoy our music from  heart. We can feel audiences`s  emotion stronger as the show goes. We don`t feel the joy of playing music not so much, it is less than our feeling giving people the best music we can play.






Pictures from Helge Haselbach. Thank you Helge and Peter Stephan for giving me live movies.

After our performance, Kurt and Martin played music as DJ alternatively, many people talked, drunk, and danced with nice music. POP has vey nice sound system, so we could do our best performance and enjoyed music so much. People come, speak, and drink freely, it looked they enjoy and love "POP". We talked some people about our music and had great time with them. I was so happy to hear they enjoy our music and gave us their comments.


Thank you Peter for helping our show!

In Germany, Beer is so cheap, we can buy 1bottle at about 1Euro, so had some bottles without thinking of my suitcase. I had to bring up my 30kg suitcase to 4th floor of our was hell. Although we got  offering of playing at home party on next day,  we had to take a train to Dusseldorf on next day, it was pity.  We got out POP around 1am, saying goodbye and promised to come back again.

We really appreciate Kurt, Martin and people come to our show, hope to see you again.


Next episode is traveling  to Dusseldorf.

To be continued......


ICHION is the Japanese experimental and NEO spritual music duo unit.