The report of 2022 Europe tour ~ Vol.1 from Japan to Berlin

Europe tour report

Happy new year friends!

We will keep creating our music this year and  hope you having a great joyful year. We are going to write the Europe tour report of " ORO MIKE MIKE MAY" in 2022.This would be series of reports, if you have a time to check it, please enjoy our tour diary.


First of all, we did this tour for promotion of the album"ORO MIKE MIKE MAY" released in 2020 from HIGH FeeL. And we did hope to go to tour in 2021, but the world was still in the pandemic, it was tough situation for traveling to Europe, still  in the first half of 2022, we almost gave up touring. But  in last summer,  we got to know that the restriction of  Europe countries were almost lifted, and also reentering Japan restriction are relatively easier than ever, we decided to go to tour.

But booking of concert was really tough, and we struggled to book concerts till the dead line of booking the flight ticket. And we worried if it was right timing to go to tour while European countries were involved in Ukraine and Russia war, we had no idea about real situation in European countries at that time.


This time We got Etihad airlines, transit at Abudhabi, total flight time was over 20hours. At Abudhabi, we saw many tourists, felt that the world has opened now.


This time I disassembled my guitar "SHIGURE" to contain in a maximum size of suitcase like this;

We safely got to Brussels airport and also got our suitcase safely.


At Brussels airport, we soon were filled with joyful emotion, "We finally came back!" at the cafe, we relaxed so much and enjoyed coffee with comfortable atmosphere,"NO MASK is really comfortable".

Then we headed to our label owner Aurélie's house to talk about PA system of Brussels concert and get our CD.

We were really happy to meet Aurélie and Martine, because we couldn`t imagine meet them again, it was so precious meeting for us.

And I learned from last time experience of touring in Belgium,  packed the baggage lighter than last time, this time, our 1 baggage weight was 25kg and the other was 15kg.

I thought it was easy to bring to every where, but it was not, was my misunderstanding.


To take a train was hell... every time we need to bring up and down super heavy suitcase.


It was super tough to move with one hand 25kg suitcase and the other hand 15kg suitcase.

Next time I have to think about my equipment completely.


and We stayed 2days there, and went to Berlin by FLIXBUS.

It was not comfortable to ride a bus in 12hours, but our budget was so limited, and gasoline price was super high, we could not choose rent a car, but I was so regret to move by train and bus, but again, we had no choice except public transportation.

There were so many people in the waiting street, our bus was delayed 30 minutes, passengers rushed in...I woke through the night because caring about my laptop in the cabin of the bus. I could not bring it in the seat. Perhaps, the bus ran through famous autobhan highway, nothing looks interesting like a highway in Japan.


Bus drivers switched in 2 or 3 hours, it was very interesting that one driver (not driving) slept in a sleeping bag. It was very good idea, we never see it  in Japan.


Then we got to Berlin, this was the first time to come to Germany, of course Berlin. The first thing we did  at bus station, we slammed our suitcase into coin lockers. I could not stand to move with these heavy baggage. And we realized that we don't have enough coins to use them, so we had to use toilet to break our bills to coins.... there were some people had same reason, the one young girl struggling with coin locker, I taught her how to use it, she managed to do her bag into coin locker, said to us " Thank you...." with half angry and sobbing face, I still remember that.Then we found that the bus station was located at far from Berlin station, so we had to take a subway....

To be continued...... 

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