"Capture : groove of the nature" vol.2 at Mt.Fuji

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Capture : groove of the nature

We would like to report our new activity series "Capture : groove of the nature vol.2".

This time,we shoot and performed in the deep forest of Mt. Fuji, the elevation is near 1600m high.


About new project  "Capture : groove of the nature"

This new project concept is

We play in a forest, near a river, in a mountain, and etc, taking mobile electric set,try to catch the breath of the"nature",the vibration of earth, to feel the existence of multi-layered living things except Human beings.

And try to write our report like a daily service log.


"Capture : groove of the nature"  vol.2  at Mt.Fuji

Date; 17 June 2022 pm2 ~ 4
Location; In a forest  of Mt Fuji 2goume
Weather; Mostly cloudy
Setlist; Okay, Tuyma, Sori sinot yaysama, Itakipe

Musical equipment; Shigure (self-made Midi controller with aluminium guitar)HP laptop, Forcusrite 6i6,Zoom G1xfour, Novation Launchpad

Recording equipment; Tascam Dr09,Gopro9, iphone7

While we are in rainy season, we could perform without rain and felt getting better than last time.
In the forest, took a deep breath with nice clean air and got closer to "groove of the nature",hearing songs of so many birds like synthesizers.They gave us good inspiration to play music.


Please enjoy our project on Youtube.
We hope you could feel the vibration of the nature in Japan.

Short version:

Full audio recording:

The movie is not synchronized with music,please enjoy it as a film scene.


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