New project "Capture : groove oh the nature"

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Capture : groove of the nature
Hello friends !

We are happy to announce about our new project "Capture : groove of the nature"

Recently the world seems to be slowly opened,under this situation, we looked back our activities during this pandemic period.

After all, we got the idea that it was not right direction to get back the way of restarting our activities after experiencing the pandemic.

You have already known the change of the mind of people,lifestyle and under_consciousness.

So we have started the new project"Capture : groove of the nature".

Like our other activity"Song hunting tour", we are going to face the wild nature.

We play in a forest, near a river, in a mountain, and etc, taking mobile electric set,try to catch the breath of the"nature",the vibration of earth, to feel the existence of multi-layered living things except Human beings.

And our goal is we would like to show you what we get through this project.



Here is the recording sound file and the short video of the project.

We hope you would enjoy it!



ICHION is the Japanese experimental and NEO spritual music duo unit.