Arctic circle tour episode.0 .... preparing for trip

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

In October, we visited arctic circle for making new songs.

I want to review it as kind of a diary.

First, what is the reason to go there is that,

after we finished Belgium tour and gig in Kyoto,

we felt putting a comma at series of our band activity.

And then started to plan what to do next.

According to horoscope,this year called " Jupiter year",

The keywords of "Jupiter year" are challenge,adventure, higher target ,etc.

so we thought that it would be better to go far as possible as we could.

then Kyra asked me "where do you want to go next?"

I answered ”Northern Europe"

I had no clear reason to answer that,

but just thought it could be better to go arctic area,near north pole.

Next we opened world map and said "YEEEES" pointed on the map.

The point is Nordkapplatået , it is the most northern cape of Norway.

But in actually,to travel Northern Europe is quite high cost,

flight ticket from Japan, prices, so it was hard to plan the trip.


I could find unbelievable price of flight tickets,

"......there is possibility...."

suddenly the fantasy plan got to be a real one.

to be continue...

it is said that