Arctic circle tour episode1 preparing for trip2

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

After we looked up the point on the world map,

we found the ares is the sacred place for indigenous people called Sápmi.

And at the same time we knew the exhibition of Sápmi was taken place at Hokkaido museum of northern peoples.

more over,recently,Ainu and Sápmi are in good relationship ,

we got excited to know about it,,then we decided to have to go there.

Actually our budget for trip was not so big ,

so we had no choice to stay long days because of high prices of Northern Europe.

And some people advised us that it was better to go to Finland for studying Sápmi,

there were good museums.

Then we changed our destination from Norway to Finland,and

fixed our target to Inari which city had good Sápmi museum.

But when I looked the world map,

Inari was almost most northern area in Finland,

so we worried about the climate,

Inari is more north than Rovaniemi famous for Santa Claus.

We cared much about extraordinary coldness.

Anyway we booked our hotel which has kitchen and dormitory type room because of small budget,

and we had no choice except 1 or 2 hotels in Inari in fall season.

Exactly same case in United States tour ,we had to make all our dishes,

but it would be better to sleep in bed at warm room than sleeping bag in freezing tent .

It is impossible to camp outside in freezing night =death.

At this point ,we guessed this tour would be a poor making songs tour again.

And I worried about booking flight tickets because that online site had bad reputation,

I confirmed my bookings many times, after that, it was really tough work to do cheap way.

to be continued....