Arctic circle tour episode2 Shanghai to Finland

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region
Also this trip by super cheap flight ticket.

We booked at Juneyao airline of China.

The schedule of flight was :

departure from Haneda at 1:00 am super early morning=midnight,

transfer at Shanghai、we had to wait 23hours for next flight,

It took almost 2days to get Finland.

We had never taken that airline, and so bothering transfer at Shanghai,

we thought to stay in the airport for 23hours.

But ,it was very noisy and uncomfortable to stay in the airport,

after took short sleep,hung out to the city of Shanghai.


It looks like a dead sleeper but it was not so.

Shanghai airport


We had no information about Shanghai city, so got the leaflet for visitors ,

and found that it was very easy to get famous "People's square",so "Lets Go! take a subway"


The line for security check of subway.

It would be a security measure for terrorism,

you have to be checked your bag at the gate of subway station every time

when you take a train.

It is very inconvenient.


Our first destination is the museum of modern art,

I had not so much interest in that place, but it seemed to be easy to go there.

The building was huge....( I can not understand the reason of that),

and the escalator is so long and go up super high place.

I guess if you fall there ,you would be dead.

It has no safe ropes.



The view from the museum.

Shanghai is very modern city ,

I saw the advertisement of concert of "AKB48" "Keyakizaka48" at BMW hall near the museum,

The capacity of hall looks over 10000, so I felt greatness of Mr Akimoto ,the producer of the group.

After that we took a lunch at local restaurant for local people,

and back to the airport.

I did not go outside during transfer time, nearly lost my opportunity of this trip,

sometimes thought "We wanted to come to China ,don't we?"

We enjoyed China more than our expectation,

but there were many soldiers with rifles on the corner of the city

and saw many publicity posters on street walls ,which show us the celebration of 70years of national foundation.

I felt bit uneasy.

In Japan,we see many posters of Tokyo Olympic,,

so I feel it is same as China.

Then we took off to Finland, it took 12,13hours flight to Helsinki.


Then we changed the airplane at Helsinki,to Ivaro it is the nearest airport of Inari.


Ivaro airport

Finally we got Ivaro Finland.

When we stood on the land of Ivaro,

and found lonely land and coldness of air.

we felt anxiety of trip....

to be continued