Arctic circle tour episode3 The first day of Ivaro

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

We arrived at Ivaro airport,,then rented a car ,drove to the hotel.

Almost noon we got Ivaro.

Though in October, the sunset time is about 5 pm in Ivaro , it is a little bit early for us.

We planed not to put so many things in 1st day.


I experienced some troubles to rent a car in foreign countries,

got nervous to check the procedure.

I always ask many times till understanding conditions,

and before renting a car , listing up questions,

for example, how to return the car,how to fuel ,etc.,

because I am not used to rent a car and speak English.

But even in Japan, I can not speak well...

I mean that sometimes I wonder if I could tell anybody precisely.

This time we got the newest model of SUV, but I never expected it,

because I booked a small car, maybe the rent a car company automatically

ranked up our car.

When I rented a car in US, the staff was going to changed our car without no permission.

But this time I checked the receipt ,and found out no additional cost.

Moreover, checked how to return my deposit .

The procedure is different in other countries to rent a car,

in Japan we have to check the scratches of car carefully,

but in others it seems to be ,not so much care about it.

And I practiced driving before leaving the airport, ,to get good driving with left handle car.

Because it is very dangerous for tourist to drive in other countries,

so many local people are deadly fast drivers.

Only 1st day for booking normal hotel room.

We didn't know the climates in Inari ,Ivaro, Arctic circle area,

and we have no choice but to book 1 or 2 hotels( in October )

The hotel is very neat to the Ivaro airport ,almost 30 minutes drive.

The hotel is the style of enjoying winter activities,

also has sauna room.



The sauna is very famous in Finland,

it is said that Finnish is very shy and doesn't talk so much,

but in sauna, it is easy to communicate to Finnish.

I tried a sauna in evening, met a kind of trouble,then felt trauma of a sauna....


the river beside of the hotel, it looks we were in Hokkaido.

The outside air was 2℃, we put perfect winter wear at the airport,

so not so cold to stay in outside.

The dryness was very comfortable and felt clear air.

In the hotel was super warm.

The thing we did in this day was only shopping grocery at super market because of tired condition.

I think shopping in super market is very useful for trip.

I always check prices of all range of merchandises ,to get information about food (easy to buy)

tendency of tastes of foods.

Also check if people can speak English, air of stores/ feeling of local people.

I always quick check and judge the country.

In this area,I checked some points before leaving Japan,

: In the winter season, sometimes we can not get food in supermarket.

: Prices are high.

: It is hard to get fresh vegetables.

but in the real situation are not so bad,

we could easy to buy vegetables and see plenty of foods in super market.

Our dinner of day....

Beer, potato chips,and instant soup.

Beer was cheaper than water and tasty.