Arctic circle tour episode4 The 1st day of Inari

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

Museum "SIIDA"

We visited Inari for the reason we heard it is the best place to learn the Sápmi indigenous people.

To tell the truth,we thought that the SIIDA museum was the only place

to learn about Sápmi( before leaving Japan)

Because it was off season in that area,most of Sápmi museum were closed.


We were very interested in the Sápmi way of singing called "Joik"

It is said that in the old time, "Joik" was sung by shaman ,they improvised to make and sing songs

when they communicated with the nature.

While old songs were vanished by cultural and religeous suppression of catholic missionary work,

but younger generation keep singing "Joik".


The point of attracting me is the style of singing,

" Communicate with the nature, improvise songs and Sing"

I feel sympathy with that style , because Kyra always do such style.

So in this trip ,our opportunities were not to learn the songs of Sápmi,

we wanted to focus these points;

・Sápmi's back ground

・the climate they live

・the life style of Northern area


Also main reason of this trip is to visit Arctic circle,

and after doing that, we wanted to reach the situation:

"free from something tied ourselves under subconsciousness"

That reason stopped us to think;

"do this ,do that,visit there and watch that"

because it was nonsense for me to prepare everything

before getting Sápmi land.

We thought that we went there ,then got ideas of doing.

At SIIDA we got the knowledge about Sápmi.

In Japan there are only the books for small kids.

This museum also has exhibition of the nature of northern area and the northern light.

I never think about the northern light before coming Finland,

most of tourist come to Inari area to see it.

And the northern area (include Inari) the industry of tourism has been developed well since before world war2,

the rich In Europe countries made trip to Arctic circle, the main road from Helsinki to north ward

were grown from early time of tourism history.

The industry has been growing now, around the area got rich,

but now it gets problem of over tourism,they face environmental problem.

This museum has the roll of visitor center,

we have to come here later days.

I somehow asked a museum staff if there is any places or classes to learn "joik".

She answered

” There is no place like that."

So I felt that we did not need to learn the songs.

Then we decided to go to hotels before getting dark and check a kitchen,

headed to the youth hostel.


Our room is dormitory type,1 living room ,3 bed rooms


In the kitchen , I found plates ,seasonings and everything we need,

so we went to a super market .

On the way to a super market ,

we found the buildings called "SAJOS" near SIIDA,

many people with traditional Sápmi. clothes went out from the building.

I wondered what this building was,went inside,

there are a local library,big hall and etc.

I saw the poster of guide tour and asked a museum staff about it

She said,

”Today and tomorrow ,we have big cultural meeting here,so we can not offer it,

but day after tomorrow , it would be ok"

more over

" You are very lucky . Because in 2days, many Sápmi people

come here and you can see traditional Sápmi clothes."

And she said us it was OK to come here tomorrow,

it was good news for us to get purpose of tomorrow.

then we bought grocery at super market and went back to a hostel.

the first self cooking in Finland

vegetable soup and bread

potato chips and beer.

we can drink kitchen water and tastes good.