Arctic circle tour episode5 Day2 of Inari

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

The lake near our cabin.

2nd day of Inari

woke up at 6:00 am and walked around cabin.

The temperature was about -2c ,not so cold,

but felt gradually freezing inside of my body.

It was so beautiful the gradation of sky ,from dark blue to light

and felt like to watch it as possible as I could.

Also this day, no wind,it was so perfect condition of the mixing super cool air and silence,

really felt it was good to came here.

In the house , it has central heating system,so nicely warm inside the house ,it always keeps around 20c.

The warmest room is living room but my our room automatically turn off heating system

(I didn't find the reason),in the midnight it gets colder than daytime.

So dry weather can make washing clothes easier than living in Japan,

I always washed underwear before sleep and in the morning it got dried.

This was so good for me and reminds me staying in New Mexico.

Though our skin get so dry, bath room and kitchens are always clean and we don't see cockroaches.

In the morning it get light after past 8:00 am,we do not feel like to start the day.

After 10:00am slowly think "we go...."

Today's mission was

・just visiting Sajos

・hunting locations to record sonngs.

Arrived at Sajos past noon,

there were not so much people than yesterday.



Sajos is the building that has big hall ,conference hall,theater ,library ,cafe and etc.

Many tourists of watching northern lights are seemed to be bored spending daytime,

I often same people were in cafe sometimes.

we searched books about Sapmi in library.

These books are basically written in Finnish, sometimes we found the books in English,

it got strange feeling to read them so easy than Finnish one.

Also they have Joik CDs,I asked the staff that it was possible to listen them.

She answered it was OK but they had no CD players, so I told her to come back tomorrow

with our CD player.

It took almost 3hours to look for the books written in no understanding Finnish,

then decided to go hunting the locations,headed for the nearest small mountain with trail.

It was always cloudy since we arrived Finland , sometime it rains.

We arrived the view point of the mountain,parked a car and walked into woods.

This point was not so bad,so we kept it in mind.

In deep woods,but we met some car ,I thought it was hard to record songs.


On my way to hotel,planned about what to do tomorrow.

We did not find what we should do here yet.

What we want to do

where to go , with what kinds of feelings ,emotions.

We asked ourselves and discussed,but no answer we made at this point,

because we came here with not so clear vision.

I got a little bit nervous,but

" first ,drink beer and think!cheaper than water"

went to new super market.

I didn't find differences in prices between new and old super markets.

I often see people work in supermarket in foreign countries looks

very easier than in Japan.

I hope same things happen in Japan.

People wait other's payments calmly,not in Japan.

Today's dinner:

We found groceries in shelf of kitchens, everyone could use them,

so we cooked them,super money saver.