Arctic circle tour episode6 day3 of Inari To the sacred place

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

Staying in Inari, 3rd day

We went to Sajos to join the guide tour.

But a staff told us that they had no tour on that day for preparing evening concert.

And we knew on the Monday it would be taken place,

so also that day we had to search materials in the library.

Not yesterday,today we could listen many CDs of Joik,

and got to touch the whole image of Sápmi.

Kyra and I checked CDs and looked for books to easy to read,

I found the books in Finnish that has so many writings about shamanism in Finland.

I gave it to Kyra,and kept searching, she told me to want to go to the sacred place like pictures in the book.

The picture she pointed me was the place that there was the rock sticking out alone on the ground,

it was about 100km far from here to northward.

There is a rock standing alone at sacred places of Sápmi,

they took a place the ceremony there and gave sacrifices to gods.

In Inari ,of course, there is a such place , but it places in the middle of the Inari lake,

we could not go at this time because we have to go by boat, now no service, only summer.

And so many tourists visit there, we were not sure to record songs in such situation.

So we searched other places like that on web , but almost no information about that,

maybe those article are written in Finnish.

Finally we asked a staff of the library.

She looked not good mood ,but told us

there was the place near the lake in the village called "Pokka"

it was 150km far from here.

The name of place was

"Taatsi Seida"

It pasts 2:00p.m.

Anyway it was better to go now and took 2 hours drive , got Pokka.


(In winter it get awful -51c)

Before leaving the library, we searched there ,got some information,

but it was not so clear how to get there.

We believed the master of GOOGLE MAP,

wifi was dead ,we lost and guessed we got near the place then

parked the car.


There was small parking place, we walked from small house and found the lake.


found the rock and walked around more.


Here there was absolutely NO wind and we could not hear the

sound of animal no birds.

It was the best place to record the songs.

We thought this place was the target one and

begun recording till Kyra kept singing as possible.




So beautiful color of the lake, it was dark opal color.

And nothing bothered us.

I have never experienced such a perfect condition at field recordings ever.

But still we had a question if this place was real place.

So I walked deeper in a bush ,finally got muddy places of lake and lost trail.

And we decided to go back anyway.

When we got the split point of the village of Pokka,

found the signboard of guide map.

We went a wrong place....

Disappointed to know that, but we got the information about here

and thought to come back tomorrow.

After we arrived the hotel and checked the location of the place,

it was 1km far from the point we went today...

a little more patience...we need.

But also today's place was super good place and

imaging that we go there again made us happy.

Snow seemed to be not so much tomorrow,

but so many cautions of frozen road according to weather forecast.

Today was the first day we felt having a great day since visiting Finland.