Arctic circle tour episode 7 day 4 in Inari The sacred place part 2

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

Day 4 in Inari, we left at 10:00 am.

Still it was dark and cloudy, we were not full functioned.

According to yesterday's weather forecast ,today it was going to snow a little.

The road condition had changed from yesterday,got snow.


This car has complete snow tires ,the tires have spikes,

the car never gets slippy.

we can drive at 100km/h ,we pass each other at such a high speed.

For people living here ,it is not unusual situation now.


We turned at Pokka ,toward to the lake, removed the net for reindeer,went forward.

(we could not read the sign in Finnish yesterday.)


More went deeper from the place we parked yesterday,

finally we got the parking space.


We got into the woods from here.


Then after 10 minutes walk, we got there

"Taatsi seida"


This rock sticking out is the ceremony place.

You can see some offerings for gods like animal bones ,seeds, nuts.

We put some oranges.


This place is about 10m high from ground, we were carefully getting closer.


The recording here was also great.

we got natural deep echo,so powerful sound reflection.

After we got the hotel and checked the place on the web,

Kyra found the website of University of Helsinki.

it studies sound ,acoustics of archaeology.

In Finland , there are some place like this ceremony space of Sápmi.

At those places we can get natural echo sound.

While Kyra sung and recorded it, I walk around.


I don't have the correct word for expressing how beautiful the color of lake.

I have never see such a so deep blue-black opal color of the lake.

Only northern goddess have such eyes color like that I imagined.

Of course, blue lake and water are beautiful,

but the color of the blue almost black lake mixed with pure air

made me calm and sink emotion.

It is not always good is fine day,but also I found the beauty of black cloudy.


On my way to hotel from super market,in the car,

we talked about this trip, we had not so much communication with

local people.

We wanted to get closer to local people, but it was not the highest priority.

We will trip for making songs.

And we will visit the place like wild nature place we can get an inspiration.

We respect the wisdom ,culture,the existence of indigenous people ,

and they are so precious.

But we never borrow them easily.

We still want to learn about Ainu and Zuni ,

because the reason why is from my inspiration,

when I met them ,found them "This is what I want to do"

But this time I am interested in Sápmi culture,

I never want to sing them.(Of course I respect them very much!)

This is the giant step for me to continue making our music.

Simply,what I want to do is

recording the song Kyra singing when she get a inspiration,

she absorbs the natural power and reflect them to songs.

This is what I want to do in the sacred place,

it is not that we reflect local cultures to our music every time.

But we have to learn about the back grounds of the place and

culture before doing that.

of course respect the people who lives there.

Anyway I checked my style,we recorded the song at our cottage.


Unexpected nice room reverb,got good recordings.

Tomorrow we head to Norway.