Arctic circle tour episode.8 Norway Karasjok Lakselv To see Arctic ocean

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

2 or 3days before we leave here,, got an idea to go to Karasjok Norway,

because we had only few days to stay in Inari.

Karasjok is the capitol of Sápmi

we found the big museum to learn about Sápmi there.

It is not far from here,about 120km ,it would take 2hours driving.

About immigration from Finland to Norway is very easy,

we found there is no border gate on the road to Karasjok.

So we decided to go .

And more over ,there is the city called "Lakselv" which is 80km north from Karasjok,

the city is very near to Arctic ocean (to tell the truth, it is not precise expression "Arctic" but almost near ...)

also locates in deep land scape of Fjord.

Before deciding making this trip,

the place I pointed on the world map was "Nordkapplatået”,

which is 200km northward from Lakselv.

Considering about visiting Nordkapplatået,

but it would take 5 hours driving from Nordkapplatået to Inari,

we quit planning to go to Nordkapplatået.

But you can see almost no defference between them on the world map


Both cities are almost north end of the land.

The morning of the day to visit Karasjok, was also dark cloudy,a little snow.

It was super easy drive to Karasjok,

so we decided to go around the city on our way home from Lakselv,

then skipped this city and went forward to Lakselv.

In Norway , you can hit and meet magnificent natural landscape.


Lost a word to see mountains ,felt like pressing us by the walls.

It was no matter how dark cloudy day it was.

We drove through such a valley ,got Lakselv.

It was Sunday, all stores were closed,

we got no information of the city.

So drove to the point we could touch the ocean by watching the map of

the car navigation.

Then we got the place like fishing port .


Saying hello to old fishers, walked on the shore Fjord,

and found the place to sing and record the songs .

We started to record.


While Kyra recorded the songs,I soaked my legs into Arctic ocean.

This was what I want to do the most in this trip.

"I made it!!!"

I really felt that.

I never feel our music goes to extreme north dimension.

(I mean our music is strange,weird thing.)

When I was in twenties played guitar in alternative rock band,

never imagined this situation.

we record the songs which are improvised by Kyra at like this place

and I make the songs based on that material.

Thought about that , this was a kind of memorial event for me.

After the recording , we moved to Karasjok.

But the museum of Karasjok was closed...

According to our information , Sunday is open ,but on that day it was closed.

We had lost the purpose to stay here,

All stores were closed except for kiosk of gas stand.

The kiosk was very crowded with tourists having no plan to go in this city.

I just bought a coffee,but it was super expensive.

Just a cup of coffee (kiosk not hotel) costs nearly 4euro.

Felt we were really happy to stay in Finland.

Nothing to do in Karasjok,

we had a time to drive around the Inari lake.

When I drove a car, sometimes I saw the lake starting to be frozen,

wanted to go there.

so we searched it.


I touched the water/nearly frozen of the lake,

In the winter, all of the water are frozen,then,

snowmobiles run on the frozen lake,

I imagined that, then felt it marvellous.