Arctic circle tour episode9 from Inari to Helsinki

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

The last day of Inari.

We had to clean our room before leaving,

started cleaning room from early morning.

It was a just like cleaning a training camp, whole 2 hours cleaning.

Also today was cloudy, headed to Sajos.

Today we finally joined the guide tour, it took 4days to join the tour.

The staff of Sajos guided us the building of Sajos,

she showed and taught us material about Sápmi.

For example,

I was surprised that the clothes of Sápmi have lots of information,

only you see them,you can find the people where come from,which tribe,

which family and other information about he or she.

And over tourism becomes a serious problem as growing number of tourist,

especially recent years.

And we talked about such a common problem: revitalization of cultures of indigenous people.

She was very interested in Ainu culture,so asked us the current situation of Ainu.

I guess that the cultural suppression from Finland government to Sápmi seems to be limitted in 1generation.

I mean: age of around 50 to 60 ←our parents generation,

this is between age of 30-40 : our ages and 70-80 : our grandpa and grandma.

So language and culture of Sápmi are seemed to be revitalized relatively earlier than other tribes.

And for my opinion,they have strong self confidence in their culture,

I do not think their ethnic attitude was destroyed by old policy .

The situation of Ainu , indigenous of US and other countries are different from this,

they are under over 100years of cultural assimilation and discrimination,

it is obviously hard to restore them.

The guide tour was finished after watching the short movie at big hall.

And we did all what we should do and felt like to fly back to home,

but we had 1 more stay in Helsinki.

When we got the city of Ivalo from Inari,

the image of the city was completely changed for our eye.

The first day of getting Ivalo ,it was really lonely we felt,

but now the city was crowded,then we realized that

we stayed in super silent town.


When we returned the our car at the airport,

no one was at the service counter,

I just dropped the car key to self return box ....hole with a little bit weird mind,

went check in counter.

The old lady staff asked extra check in luggage fee when we did not need it coming from Helsinki.

It costs 40 euro, I guess we did not need to go to the counter because we did it online.

next time,I just show our tablet to staff at the boarding.

The flight of Ivalo to Helsinki. the plane landed at another unknown airport before getting Helsinki.

It was like a bus stop.

When we got the Helinki ,moved to the city center by train,

very kind station staff told us to how to get a ticket,

so it was a super smooth transfer from plane to train and

got central station immediately.

Then caught a tram, passed 5stations 10minutes ride,

got our youth hostel.

It past over 10 pm,

I had no power to do anything ,shut down.