Arctic circle tour episode.10 Last day Helsinki

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SONG HUNTING TOUR in Arctic Region

We did not see anything in Helsinki,because got there in the midnight.

When we arrived the central station,there were some people made big noise with playing

car audio system.

So loud , I felt that this was real city.

our room of this youth hostel was small but clean and good,

they offered free sauna.

I had a trauma of sauna,but tried it.

At the sauna,mid aged tourist from Switzerland talked to me,

He uses this hostel every time to come to Helsinki,

and this hostel is cheap and the best in this area.

We had a little bit time to take our plane,

walked around the city in the morning.

Unlike the city of Belgium,

I felt the sense of Russia in a street ,

found it in some signs of stores , buildings, it is like a hard edged(?) feeling ,colder colder.

It is very interesting the various style of Europe.


In this tour, we did not go to a restaurant,so went to the cafe.

It is not so much differences in customs and manners between here and the city area of Japan,

If there is no conversations in Finnish, I would feel like staying in a cafe in Japan.


And then, went to the airport,did check in.

When we passed at the immigration,we met the same officer when we came from Japan.

He found his signature in our passport ,then smiled a little bit, only said,"it is me".

He never looks not so friendly people but his smile was so nice.

Also the return flight took over20hours.

During the flight, I checked recordings,so felt earlier than coming flight.

Got to Shanghai, we had only 4hours to transfer to Japan.

Usually it is enough to do that, but this is China...

We had to get out the custom,and go to flight company counter to get a ticket,

then go to the immigration again.

First of all,there were so many tourists at hall of boarder gate,

but there were few open counters and staffs worked there.they were so irritated

because it was so hard work for them.

At a glance ,I guessed it would take hours to pass here.

and it was so funny to see the poster over the wall saying

"we try to finish your immigration job in 30 minutes

please tell us your inconvenience(←maybe it is not precise sentence I saw but almost same meaning)

After all , it took 1hour and a half.

Add more,

you need to take our fingerprints at the immigration.

There are many machines of taking fingerprints,

so you go to the machine doing it by yourself before waiting in the line,

but officer tell you to put your finger on the machine of counter,

so they do it again.

It makes no sense for me,some people, it takes longer than others,

it is hard to say the system works well.

It pasts long time since we got the airport,

we could not find our baggage at the display of the counter.

We spoke to some staff to ask that,

they could not speak English, I gave up to speak,

but luckily we could find our bags.

At that point , we had only 1hour to check in,

wondered to get in the time.

Anyway run to the flight counter.

I showed my voucher to the staff,but he asked a colleague to know that flight.

they talked some then he told me that it was not this counter, we had to go to

ANA flight counter.

I doubted it was true,because there was no information about ANA on this paper,but went to the ANA counter.

Anyway we moved to ANA counter, it was super smooth to check in.

and kept running to the departure counter , it was also super fast to get out from China.

We managed to take our flight.

It was super hard work in this tour,it was worst.

The flight of ANA was super nice.

clean,nice beer,good hospitality.

I hope every time to take ANA,but it is over our budget,

We had some troubles related to flight things in this trip.

Finally, it is super nice experience for us to visit Arctic circle,

while we had not so much preparation for that.

Surely,we believe the influence of this tour to our current activities.

Next time we will introduce our new music material,

we get New level of our music.