mixing and mastering

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We are in unusual situation now.

Due to corona virus spreading ,my main job is forced to stop .

My job is repairing music electric devices such as guitar amps, mixers,

and I am also therapist of sound healing.

Our government finally ....(I think it is too late) announced emergency declaration.

But it is totally different from other foreign countries do.

Because government does not force people to stay home,

but ask people to do that.

I mean the government order does not have legal power to stay people at home,

and also does not lock down.

Some people stay home and do remote working,but

still so many people go to work by crowded train or car.

It is far from lock down.

No one can not stop moving of people,

because we have to work for money,our government does not help us.

And ALL of live venues are closed without no economic help from government,

so most of them are on the edge of choosing quit business or not.

It seems that our government stands on unclear side: people's life or economics.

Anyway The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

In this chaotic situation,I keep making new album.

We made 9songs for new album they are based on last Finland recording.

Fortunately,I have a lot of time to do mixing and mastering.

So stay calm and keep processing day by day.

Change the point of view, we can always find another good side.

Love meditation and pray the world peace.