New album

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In May, it past quiet and slowly I feel.

We ....( just me ) did mixing and mastering of the new album in this month.

It was so precious time for me to take enough time to do such processes.

In recent years, I had not so much time to take care the final process,

but this year, it was terribly quiet spring,so I could keep concentrating on new album.

Of course I had to redo the mastering so many time ,

it means that the song needed the remixing.

Because it is super easier and faster to go back to the mixing than fixing the song in the mastering process .

For example, you feel that the bass is a little bit loud ,usually we try to reduce low frequency

in the mastering process,

but it is not good way I think , because you might lose low freq of drums,

after all, the song might lose rich low sound.

I counted how many time I redo mixing and mastering,

it was over 50 times and I burned 40 CDRs.

it means I made a small mountain of CDR garbage.

Next step is making a album design .