Release new album from HIGHFeeL.

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This is the new song"Sori Sinot yaysama the improveised song of Sledding" from our new album.

Aurelie (HIGHFeeL) made this video,thank you very much Aurélie!


We have just finished new album,and it will be release from HIGHFeeL(Belgium).

The title of the album is

"Oro Mike MIke May".

It means "Splendid shining echo" in Ainu language.

Making this album started in January 2019, Kyra got ideas of vocal lines at Amamioshima islands in Japan.

In October , we visited Finland and Norway to record vocals at sacred places,

after that Akira made back tracks from January 2020,

in June , finished mixing and mastering of the album.

This album contains completely original songs,it means that song has no basic songs

and also it is the first original album for a long time.

Kyra made and sung improvised songs at sacred places getting inspiration from the land,

Akira wrote lyrics in Ainu.

The label " HIGHFeeL" which are going to release this album ,

planed our Belgium tour in last year,

and the label owner Ms. Aurélie Vandecasteele is our great people,

we can not show enough gratitude by only words.

(Can you see what I mean? anyway super thank you Aurélie!)

As usual,also this time, after finishing sound material,

we looked for music labels which could release our album.

Thinking about our plan of next year or 2 years later,

we do want to release this album from a labels in European countries.

But, we had not so much connection to music labels, and it seemed that

we could not find the solution, but she decided to release our album at surprisingly fast speed!

And we discussed about new album,

it will be released as nice picture book with CD or digital format music.

The pictures will be used at "Song Hunting tour" in Finland and Norway,

they are super beautiful and you can easily imagine and feel the situation

of our making this album and spirits of the nature.

We are confident that it would be a great album.

And we need your cooperation to make this album,

we will write about it next time.