The announcement of the final results of the crowd funding

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Today, our crowd funding for making new album has closed since it started in July,

We have collected about 700 euro on the funding website, plus, the donation to Paypal and the money directly sending to my account,totally,

WE GOT OUR GOAL OF 1000 euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We really appreciate contributors ,and never find appropriate words to express our gratitude.

Though we are very sorry for you trying to donate to us,there were so many troubles on the website,and the limitations of a credit card(sometimes stop working),etc, etc, it was so bothersome for you to do that.

And we really appreciate Mrs.Aurélie Vandecasteele to launch this project.

We never think of this crowd funding.

Your contributions enable us to do such things:

・We can choose the good quality paper and do a nice magazine.

・We can do some promotion on Facebook.

・ do a digital release on bandcamp, and on various platforms (apple store, Youtube music...)

・make CD.

Through this project, we got to know our new album has the character of getting outside from our world.

Usually,we make an album by ourselves, I mean all processes are done by ourselves,

designs of sleeves, printing CD,etc. this is kind of our inner circle.

But this time , many people helped us to make this album from the beginning,

and collecting donations makes us feeling like we and contributors getting together and helping each other to make new album.

We never have experienced this situation,and we are so pleased to have this opportunity.

Move a step to make physical contents,

Aurélie will design the picture magazine.

She also designed our new logo, we are looking forward to finishing up new material.

She is so multi talented people,she can do everything, design, running web site,promoting,whatever.

We have a little bit a time to announce the finishing up album,

please wait for moment.

Merci du fond du coeur.