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We have just launched the new song material on bandcamp.

You can check all songs here.

It took almost 2 years to make this,
and this is demo ,has capaity to grow more ,
because we think music keep growing.
As we play longer ,the sound of songs would be changed,
and if we don't like the sound, don't throw away the song,and just remake it.
so that's why we play and make "future traibal music"
and keep songs fresh and alive.

And we think thesong itself is small unit like analog synthesizer,
so we plan to play the song as unit to make great dynamics,
not to put many things into 1 songs.

we want to avoid to make same type of songs and try to be simple to make albums
,just want to tell you the blue print of songs :what we feel them.

These song are Kyra's new material of Zuni songs.

We visited U.S in the spring of 2017 first time,
we had no information and clue to Zuni pueblo,
but we could visit Fernando Cellicion ,Zuni ,famouse musician, asked him to teach us Zuni songs.


He kindly taught us the songs, we stayed alomost 3weeks around Zuni pueblo while camping national park.
We recorded them at Chaco canyon .


Please enjoy them, thank you.
We greatly appreciate Fernando Cellicion and his family and respect Zuni tribe.