20180927 Live at Mt.Fuji

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Music and Videos


We have launched the new project.
"Play (pray) in the nature"

The songs we play are originally from the gods of Ainu's folksons and Zuni tribe.
And these songs are sung in the nature, and people makes songs during
facing and living with mother earth = The nature.

So we think ourselves to stand the start line to play these songs,
this is the 1st session of this project.


We played in the forest of Mt. Fuji.
Our sound system are handmade PA,electric guitar "shigure",some effector,iphone for back tracks.
We really appreciate cooperators of Ainu people and Zuni teachers,
especially Mr.Hayasaka,Mr.Fernando Cellcion and his family, Mr.Jim Enote ,Mrs.Chie Tanimizu
and friends.




The activity information
Ichion play in the woods.
Date Sep 27 2018 pm3:00
Place The forest of Mt Fuji, near parking space of Nishiusutuka
Weather cloudy
set list
1 upopo,
2 ”Atuika tomatomaki Kuntuteashi hmhm!” Song sung by the Orca God
3 ”Ku rimse”Dance of the bow
4 ”Harit kunna” Song sung by the Dragon God
5 Eagle song
6 Rain song
songs1-4 Ainu Kamuy yukar
5-6 Zuni