Modification of LED guitar"SHIGURE 時雨”

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During June-July, I have tried to make new gadget.

This time ,my goal was to control mpc1000(sampler) from my guitar.

Before the modification, my guitar could control Kaoss pad sound effect

and only 1 parameter of MPC such as skipping "next SEQ"

The first of modification was making a small midi controller

which controls every parameter of MPC1000.

I want to concentrate to play music,not tweaking knobs of machine,

and also want to get my system smaller and simpler.


This controller has 16 knobs which can control CC(volume of each 12tracks and 4 effect parameter)

and 1 BPM knob.

I used Arduino NANO (small computer) to control midi signals and to send a clock pulse of BPM.

I am not so good at doing programming, but I had to learn about it so fast,

and had to understand how it works.

Fortunately, I could find a good book to study Arduino programming and

also found a nice "library"(this is the term of Arduino programming ,it makes programming easier)

Next step was to think about how to connect the controller and the guitar.

I cut a aluminum panel and drilled the left top side of the guitar.

Both work were a bit hard because surely the metal plate was hard.

Just saying "Cut" is easy ,but it is not easy to cut the aluminum panel straight ,

I used a normal cutter knife first,but changed it P cutter knife ,it is used for cutting a acrylic panel.

Well this step needs your patience to take a long time to cut ,doing same thing.


Finally, I could make excellent small midi controller and attached to LED guitar.

I like the digital BPM display, it makes me imagine the digital panels of "DeLorean"in the famous movie

" Back to the future".