About getting our new album "Oro mike mike may"

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Hello guys.

We have announced releasing our new album from HighFeeL(Belgium)

You can purchase physical items on the web shop, the link below.


And now the web shop gives you the winter sale promotion : 50%discount


Also this album is available for download and streaming on all platforms.

Or Bandcamp


We wish your happy holidays!


Title : Oro mike mike may

( It means “Splendid shining echo” in Ainu)

●Song titles:

1.May 1 (instrumental) / Echo 1
2.Okay  / Living
3.Tuyma /  Far
4.Kamuy hum yaysama /  Improvised song of “Thunder god”
5.Cimontum /  Energy
6.May 2 (instrumental)  /  Echo 2
7.Paykar ku e yay kopuntek yaysama  / Improvised song of ”The joy of the spring coming”
8.Sori sinot yaysama  / Improvised song of “Sledding”
9.Ar wen tukap ku oma oma yaysama  / Improvised song of”Calming down the devil”
10.Itakipe /  Words
11.May 3 (vocal only)  /  Echo 3
12.Okkaypo tomari yaysama  / Improvised song of “Boy and harbor”

All vocals : Kyra
Electronics and others :Akira Araishi
All songs and lylics written by ICHION
Vocal recorded in Finland and Norway
Mixed and mastered by Akira Araishi

●About songs

These songs are the record of the conversations with many spirits living in the nature.

We named our journey "The song hunting tour",visited Amami oshima islands, Finland and Norway.

The vocals of each songs were recorded at different sacred locations.

Similar to the way that the ancient shaman prayed, Kyra communed with nature and spirits,

gaining inspiration to improvise her song. We recorded our vocals with energy of each place,

then come back home to our studio and completed them as you hear them now.

All lyrics are written in Ainu language, please enjoy the harmony of beautiful language and experimental electric sound.