Music video" Tuyma" from new album

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We have made the new music video " Tuyma" from "ORO MIKE MIKE MAY".

We shot this at Matushima ,Ojima , Miyagi prefecture, Japan.

Matushima is very famous sightseeing place, it is said that many people came this place for religious purpose since about 1000 years ago.

People in middle ages in Japan thought the sight of Matushima as the nearest place to heaven.

Ojima(Matushima) island is located only 20 meters far from the land, it spans 200m wide North to South and 40m wide East to West, it is very narrow island.

Old people also thought this island connected the living world and the spiritual many monks came here to do training from all area of Japan,and even a citizen made wooden tombstone there.

The day of shooting, it was unusually heavy snow we had , and could shoot beautiful snow sight of Matushima.

I felt the both living and spirit world melted each other,

Kyra caught this song at Adachihama Amami island in two years ago.

We did not scheduled to shoot this song before arriving there, she just began to sing this song at the snowy beach.

She said that she sung this song for wondering spirit at Adachihama as a requiem.

We never knew that Matushima and Ojima had a such history and felt like we could sing at the right place.

hope you enjoy watching this video,wish your happiness.