Thank you all friends for joining and supporting us in 2022 Europe tour

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Hello friends!!!

We are safely back to Japan almost 2 weeks ago, time flies so fast, can not believe it is December now.
And we really appreciate everyone supporting our tour, without your support we could not imagine playing in Europe.

Special thanks to;

HIGHfeel, Aurélie, Martine,
POP, Kurt, Martin
Weltkunstzimmer, Norman, Reiner,
Wp8, Romano, Phillip,
Geofrey and family, Pierre Alain,
BOOM cafe, Jules VAn, Live Moments,
AVO magazine, Francisca.

and ESPECIALLY YOU coming our show, you are so sweet and  we are very happy and pleased to meet you.
In this tour, we had so good memories about shows and people, even though the world is in hard chaotic situation.
We want to write about our tour in detail soon, please wait for a while.
Hope to meet you next time,  take care of yourselves and wish your happy days.