Info about next gig and the latest set up of ICHION system

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Next our show will be held on Sep 26 2021 at the famous "Kyoto club METRO"

"Club METRO" is the one of famous venue in Kyoto and is familiar to many musicians all aver the world.It is not over expression "famous", when I was in Kyoto in my youth, often experienced super great show literally in face to face distance,even I met John Lydon during Sex Pistols Japan tour , he seemed to just hung out to drink at local club, it was funny experience.

Recently I have changed the set up of ICHION , so far,I tried to avoid using a laptop PC at live gigs,because it is an easy way to play our music I think,
but now I have decided to mix using MPC1000 sampler with PC. Mainly, using MPC1000 for rhythm part , and about a Laptop for pad ,keyboards and other environmental noises. My goal of this set up would be mixing different rhythm simultaneously.

I expect this change would make good effects to our live show, and also feel the possibility of the new field of our music journey.

We hope you enjoy our music more than ever, thank you for supporting us always and stay well.