Music video " The live at LOW POWER"

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Hi friends!

We hope you are doing well and have lovely days!

we have uploaded the live performance at the music event"LOW POWER"on Sep 28 2021 at Kyoto club METRO.

This event was a streaming program only and was broadcasted on Twitch,though we actually played at Kyoto club METRO.

Through 2 years experience of playing on online, we focused the situation of internet about making the sound.

The sound from speakers ( I mean from PA system) and one from directly out of a mixer are totally different..

About Kyoto club METRO, the venue has so strong low frequency sound, you have to gain up middle and high range, it means that you need to change the balance of instruments , vocals and a guitar .
then ,gain up those things and you can hear the right balance of a sound from PA, but you can not hear it from your mixer,because it would have too much vocals , guitars and etc.

So we had to choose PA or streaming, though we felt a little bit small sound from speakers in the real life , tried to make a better sound for streaming.

But later I checked the recording of Twitch, realized that something went wrong on the day ,so I decided to replace the sound of the recordng.

This new sound came from the headphone out of my mixer, you may notice during the song 1and 2, the sound was distorted, but I felt it was cool and OK sound,

Also, I added the missing part which was streaming stopped on the day.

For this live show , we had the purpose to show the process of the song hunting of Kyra, so original songs are relatively short(2~3minuites long)
but we played long version of those songs, it had repeat phrases like chanting , tried to gain the shamanic musical power.

Please enjoy it and hope to see you soon!