Belgium show report 1

Europe tour report
Here we introduce our Belgium tour report.

Before departure,we had so many things to do,
because for 2 people band ,we have many instruments to do live show.

so it was headache for me thinking about getting them compact size.

To solve the problem,what we did are below

1 bought new small mixer ,but it had sound problem,so I modified it (exchange hi quality opamp)
2 Changed 1 U rack type delay effects for Auxout :vocal lines to stomp pedal.
3 Changed direct 4ch out of MPC to 2Ch stereo out.
4 Cut and modified midi controller,cause of size problem.
5 Changed wireless mic to cable mic
6 Changed 4 led bars and center Moon LED light to 2 bars,add laser effects

I did not pack all item before the day before departure,
managed to do under 60kg.

I brought mpc and kaosspad into plane,check in luggage were guitars and heavy big sized item.

Before leaving Japan, I got tired out.

Departure day was more awful.

we brought all item, I felt this thing was terrible.

I can bring 2suitcases both hands under 20kg,
but when it is 30kg ,no I can not,can not.

Plus my small suitcase's handle was broken at the airport.

the beginning of tour filled with anxiety .

to be continued...