Belgium show report 2

Europe tour report
Arrived at Brussels airport, first we could not find guitar case.
But finally could find it at oversized luggage area.



After checked all items inside, while passed through customs,
the big guy called me and said "Open it"
I told him "This is a kind of guitar"and showed it to him,
he just said "guitar!?"
I said" Yes guitar! I built it by myself"
He took a glance and tried to hold it.
In this tour ,reactions of people looking my guitar are same,
they ,anyway ,always try to hold it.
"Special one"
just he said, we could pass the custom.

Then Trinh who gave us bed tonight came and picked us at airport though
she was in work that time.
We were really happy and thank her for kindness very much.
I could not imagine that we have to bring super heavy baggage to hotel in
first visiting country.
We could move so fast and were easy to get Brussels .
After arrived Trinh's house ,I checked my equipment and did sound check.
Totally my task was same in Japan.


Church : reminds me Kyoto .