Belgium show report 3

Europe tour report
We played at the event called "Le maturi du Garage"organized by Aurellie.

Our 1st show in Belgium was at Garege creative music in Liege,
the venue was rebuild from a real garage.
In front of the venue, there is a supermarket, and also their warehouse is
next to the venue, I saw the big truck stopped for bringing something
in front of the venue’s door.



This event introduced Japanese cultures,so there were free maccha green tea
, rice crackers,events of Anison karaoke,quiz and etc, it was joyful time.

We met many people who study Japanese,
and wanted to know why they have interests about Japanese culture.

Definitely,Manga and Anime are strong attractive contents,
it was quite intense for me to look at many people sung the song of "Dragon ball Z".




About our show,
Before we came Belgium,I heard the reputation of venue in oversea
(especially US)from friends who have experience of playing abroad.
They told me that there are few music equipment in venues,
almost no PA,we have to make sound from directly our guitar amps.

So I did not expect about sound system,
but Mark (he is a PA engineer and also a recording engineer)
makes great sound of the venue.
I could see not so much equipment in the venue,
but he managed very well and especially vocals were excellent.

I did not expect for lighting at all,
but Mark could figure out our purpose perfectly,
so he also did good job at lighting.
Every time it is very difficult for me to explain about spot lighting,
less bright,not too dark,etc.,but Mark just said OK and did quickly.
I was very impressed.


Anyway the show itself was that the accident happened in almost last part of show.
I dropped whole equipment from keyboard stand then sound stopped.
It seemed to be dreadful and Mark came to me and asked if I continue.
But I was quite cool and felt in mind
”Sometime it happens"
I was surprise myself feeling like such.

After the accident ,I checked step by step and recovered ,could finish our show.
I praised myself.
A few years before, I would get a panic ,and think it was over.
But now I think all the cases and if worst thing happens
like MPC crushing),I would keep doing our show,
except police comes .

Anyway it was a good experience and nice show.
After show,Mark told me that
our sound was not so digital sound while using samplers,
it is good job for me.
Also Mark praised Kyra's voice so much after checking her microphone.
Beverages ,beer and wine in the venue are cheap price.

Really nice for us!

to be continued...